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Curing with Herbs: Superlative Solutions

Curing with Herbs: Superlative Solutions

Usually when someone points out the natural remedy as a solution to common ailments, we think “Immediately no,” with the assumption being that natural remedies would take days and months to work. That may not seem ideal when a trip to the corner store for a pack of Advil would only take 15 minutes. Also, if we have never tried these remedies before, where would we even find these herbs? On Amazon? 

Actually there are natural remedies for you, your neighbor, your favorite cousin and your best friend right in your community grocery store, local park and even in your community garden. 

Take a trip with me to your local spaces that you might not have known had healing remedies staring you right in your face.



 Grocery store

 1. Plantain

Besides the fact that plantain is a tasty essential in our favorite meals, plantain is amazing for skin health and repair!

Healing remedies of plantain: Heals bumps, bruises, cuts, scrapes, and insect bites. As a cooling plant it immediately addresses inflammation and soothes the skin. 

How to use: Pick a plantain leaf, rub it slightly to wake up its healing component and place it on your irritated skin. 

(Karen.M.Rose. 138-139)


2. Ginger

Now if you’re Caribbean like myself then you know at the first sign of sickness, our grandma was making us ginger tea and forcing us to “drink it hot.” The reason why Ginger works so well is due to the fact that it is a hot herb that is great for our respiratory health. 

Healing remedies of Ginger: Breaks down mucus, Great for headaches, cloudy thinking, gas, coughs, and poor circulation. 

How to Use: Boil 2-3 fresh ginger slices in 8 oz water for 25-30 minutes. Drink Hot.

Warning: Due to Ginger being a hot herb, I would not recommend for pregnant women 



One of the most powerful, easily accessible herbs out there and it fights to boost your overall health. 

Healing remedies of Oregnano: natural antibiotic, improves gut health, Clear’s sinuses, fights bacteria, relieves inflammation, regulates blood sugar levels, headaches, Indigestion, and fights colds and flus.

How to use: Oregano is best used as an oil and you can easily make it at home! 

You would need 

  • Dried Oregano herbs

  • Organic Olive Oil 

  • Jar 

Pour Oregano into Jar and fill with olive Oil. 

Be sure to mix both ingredients well. Secure lid and put in a dark space within your cupboard and let sit for 4-6.weeks. Strain after 4-6 weeks and take a dropper full twice daily.

** Make sure to shake the bottle when passing by to activate your herbs.



Community Garden



Besides the obvious beauty that Rose has to offer, Rose is an amazing herb. 

Healing remedies of Rose- Great for headaches, soothing our nerves,dealing with grief, boosting our spirits,astringent, anti-inflammatory, stomach cramps, sore throats, colds and individuals dealing with menopause. Rose petals provide relief from dry, red, irritated skin, itchy skin, bug bites, sunburn, acne, and heals eczema.

How to use: Simply put 1 teaspoon of dried rose petals in 1 cup of hot water, and let steep for 10 minutes. Use Rose water to provide relief and soothe skin problems. 



Lemon Balm

This fresh plant not only smells wonderful but is great for our mental health! 

Healing remedies of Lemon Balm- Treats Nervousness, Depression, Anxiety, individuals that face insomnia. 

How to use:Use as a tincture. Take one to three drops daily. 

(Matthew Wood 149-150)

After reading this, I hope you look at your kitchen cabinet or next grocery store visit with a fresh set of eyes! Household staples such as Ginger, Plantain and Rose offer your body multiple healing properties while boosting your overall health. Admiring the beauty of herbs is only the beginning of what it has to offer us.







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